"...another book from the outstanding 'Essentials of...' series. The book is well worth the twenty-five pounds asking price...
This is a very comprehensive book, and would serve postgraduates well in addition to students embarking on pathology.
The layout is generously spaced, and there are always tables on hand and graphs to make the relevant data more meaningful...It is well written by people who know their subject well, and know what information it is important to convey.
All the vital areas you might want to read up on are covered more than adequately."

MAD, The Student Magazine for Medics & Dentists at Bart's and the London

"For undergraduate medical students, this book represents a comprehensive stand alone text of clinical immunology. Those preparing for the MRCP examinations should find the case histories especially useful in conjunction with the colour illustrations on the website, while doctors from other specialities will find selected areas helpful. It is a excellent introductory text for trainees in clinical immunology/allergy, however the internet access will be more useful to the specialist."

The Royal College of Pathologists Bulletin

"Where this book shines is in its integrated approach regarding clinical topics. Each body system, along with specialist topics including transplantation and hypersensitivity has its own chapter, covering both common pathologies involving the immune system and the theory behind these.

Well written, integrates clinical topics seamlessly. Case histories provide valuable insight, and self-assessment questions included at the end of each chapter."

2nd Opinion, The Magazine of the Scottish Medical Schools

"I think that this is the best of the bunch...much more relevant to our course and a sound investment for the future."

Sphincter, Liverpool Medical Students' Society Magazine

Reviews of the previous edition:

"This text is extremely easy to read, and the clinical cases contain plenty of important information...makes the subject manageable while also providing ample coverage of material for most courses. (star rating **** essential)"
Student BMJ

" be recommended to all clinical students for its content, clarity and usefulness...every medic should have one!"
Mediscope, Manchester Medical School

"...clearly set out and well written. I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone looking for a clear and up to date introduction to clinical immunology."
The Queen's Medical Magazine, Birmingham